Sunday, January 23, 2011

love your life as a dickhead.


On Friday night, a friend and I popped round to another friend, who was having drinks with some girl friends of hers.
Now to be clear, my friend is nice, and her friend is nice, but there were these two other girls sitting at the table. They were all dressed up, obviously going out later that evening. So there we were, trying to make small talk with these two girly blondes. Fine. I overheard them talking about Durban and I saw my “in”.
“Oh where in Durban are you from”?
“(insert hair flick) From the North”.
“Oh where in the North, which suburb”?
“Oh I don’t know, we just call it the North”.
So I retreated and sipped on my drink wondering if this girl knew what a suburb was. Then she was talking about her travels to Europe.
“Oh did you go to the louvre”?
“Oh how exciting, what was it like”?
“The Mona Lisa is very small”.
(laughing very loudly in my head, considering calling up Da Vinci and asking him why he didn’t make it bigger for her. She’s clearly disappointed) “Oh did you see any of the impressionists?”
“I don’t know”
“I’d love to see the louvre, I just don’t know if I could believe that it’s the original artwork on display (I’m a sucker for a conspiracy)
“Blank stare”
“You know, cause…”
(Hair flick). But there’s this other street near there and they have all these Gucci and Prada shops

At this point her friends seemed grateful that they could join the conversation because it turned out they had a lot of questions about the Gucci store. When they asked if Paris was expensive, she said something about sitting at the bar and men buying her drinks so she didn’t really know.
I was angry. I still am. I am actually furious. I am also very jealous that some airhead got to see the louvre and all she took from it was “The mona lisa is small”. Really? Fuck off. Go read a book, get a job and buy your own drinks you idiot.
When I go to the louvre, I will probably collapse to the floor, sit and stare at paintings for hours at a time with tears in my eyes. Security would ask me to leave when they were closing. I would be looking for a trap door to a basement and maybe get arrested. I would take my boys , introduce them to all my favorite artists and let them pick their own.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

So exciting!

My brother has started a TV Production company. I'm really happy for him, and I really like the shows that they're putting together.

Best of luck. Check out the next casting here

Sunday, January 16, 2011

When people know you.

My dad got me this little thing of awesome. He knows me so so well. I was all emotional when I opened it. Love love love.