Monday, November 7, 2011

Best book launch. EVER.

I was invited to the very most delicious book launch this morning at the Houghton Golf Club. It was for a cookbook called Savour that has totally set the bar for local cookbooks. 

The photography, by Vanessa Lewis is just amazing. The chef is Estelle, and the writer is Karen. Here are some pictures from the launch. I'm getting the book, and I'll post pictures of that too. The book is so pretty, I'd have to hide it away from the kids for good. Really.


  1. Stunning pic's of Karen and Estelle, both look beautiful !

  2. I was there too. I'm also guarding mine from sticky fingers it's just so gorgeous. It's going to be the foodie book of the year - a must have... Well done Karen and Estelle can't wait to see what comes next...

  3. Stunning book - more art than cook book. Only cook book that I have seen that is for the lounge table and the kitchen at the same time. Have my copy and bought a whole lot for year-end gifts.