Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I got me some new stuff

My best friend, Bethany.. sent me some really awesome stuff from the States (of America). I LOVE ceramics. She got me this really nice set of cups -but they double up as measuring cups for baking & cooking. They're so pretty. The half cup one is my new tea-drinking-cup. Man I get excited over new things!!! And parcels. Just anyone that thinks of me makes my heart beat fast.

I really, really love this mother goose ashtray. I bought two of them at a second hand shop. They were like four rands each. They look like something my grandmother would have in her house... if she smoked, which she doesn't. But still. I really really like them.


That same second hand shop in Cape Town (Munroe's in Observatory) has this big box of photographs, greeting and postcards. They all have the original messages and stuff on them. I found two old pictures of someone's babies. I know that the shop purchases the deceased's estates.. so this poor person had nobody to pass their memories and photographs on to. So I will keep and treasure these pictures for them. I have a bunch that I've collected over the years.

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